UConn Collaborators

Mary Crawford

Professor Emerita of Psychology and Women’s Studies


Mary Crawford is Professor Emerita of Psychology and former Director of the Women’s Studies Program at the University of Connecticut. Her research and theoretical interests are in the social psychology of language, gender and communication. Professor Crawford is an advocate for innovative research methods that acknowledge the social and interactional context of psychological inquiry. Her co-edited volume Innovative Methods for Feminist Psychological Research (1999) received the Distinguished Publication Award from the Association for Women in Psychology. She co-authored Practicing Perfection: Memory and Piano Performance (2002), which reports a collaboration with Roger Chaffin, a cognitive psychologist, and Gbriela Imreh, a professional pianist, to develop innovative methods for studying music performance. Her role in this project was to provide a critical reflection on how the subjectivity of the researcher affects the process and outcomes of psychological research. Dr. Crawford is a Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Society and a former Fulbright Senior Scholar. She is author or editor of 10 books and over 50 journal articles and book chapters.


Kerry L. Marsh

Associate Professor, Social Psychology